Human Kinetics Articles News and Excerpts en 2008 Sat, 29 Apr 2017 18:11:24 CST 1440 Affino 5 RSS Generator Two Inside Zone Drills <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser1" style="float:left;"> If the center calls for help from the play-side guard (figure 9.5), the guard should use the drive block technique with his outside foot over and up. </div> </div> Sun, 23 Apr 2017 13:39:00 +0000 The principles of the profession remain at its core today <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser2" style="float:left;"> The profession of campus recreational sports was founded on principles that remain at its core today: professional development of practitioners, nurturing of student learning and development, and dedication to promoting lifelong learning and healthy lifestyles for students and other members of the university community. Successful prospective professionals demonstrate a commitment to and understanding of these core principles. </div> </div> Sun, 23 Apr 2017 12:42:00 +0000 Understand the foundation of Suspension Training <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser3" style="float:left;"> It is generally well accepted that performing resistance training on a regular basis can help maintain and improve health, fitness, and quality of life. However, people often encounter obstacles to resistance training, such as time, space, equipment, and cost. </div> </div> Sun, 23 Apr 2017 09:46:00 +0000 Normal ranges of body weight and body fat <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser4" style="float:left;"> Different sports have different requirements in terms of body composition. What is the proper body fat percentage for the average population versus that for athletes? </div> </div> Sun, 23 Apr 2017 09:37:00 +0000 Testing a bench press <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser5" style="float:left;"> This test item and its procedures were modified from Johnson and Lavay (1989). In it, participants perform as many bench presses as possible (to a maximum of 50 for males and 30 for females). The test is designed as a measure of upper-extremity (particularly elbow-extension) strength and endurance. </div> </div> Sun, 23 Apr 2017 07:27:00 +0000 Positions of the Feet <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser6" style="float:left;"> Jazz dance class uses both parallel foot positions and turned-out foot positions. In parallel foot positions, the feet may be side by side, apart at the distance of the center of the hip sockets, or in a wide position. </div> </div> Sun, 23 Apr 2017 04:16:00 +0000 Sample stretches using the TRX Suspension Trainer&trade; <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser7" style="float:left;"> Reaching Hip Flexor Stretch. Purpose: To stretch the hip flexor muscles. Prerequisite: No lower-body pain or injury. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 09:59:00 +0000 Basic testing exercises for gauging fitness progress <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser8" style="float:left;"> This section presents basic testing exercises for gauging fitness progress. Although any of the exercises in this book can be used as a test, these provide a good general assessment of current fitness level. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 09:49:00 +0000 Understand the General Adaptation Syndrome Model <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser9" style="float:left;"> The seminal work of Canadian physiologist Hans Selye, the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) model, forms the basis of many discussions regarding the monitoring of physiological stress. As outlined in chapter 1, the aim of training is to provide a stimulus that improves performance. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 09:30:00 +0000 Learn the steps to create an effective in-house research project <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser10" style="float:left;"> Many practitioners cannot afford to wait for published research to confirm the efficacy of a particular monitoring approach. Being able to design and undertake an in-house research project can be a useful skill. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 09:28:00 +0000 Review monitoring results to modify training plans <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser11" style="float:left;"> Figure 8.3 shows a report provided to an athlete and other practitioners. Although electronic and paper formats are popular, practitioners should not be afraid to try alternative approaches to get their messages across. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 09:21:00 +0000 Emergence of a Competency-Based Approach to Outdoor Leadership <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser12" style="float:left;"> A competency-based approach to outdoor leadership began to emerge during the 1980s through a series of studies aimed at identifying the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics considered to be essential to effective outdoor leadership. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 04:59:00 +0000 Ethical Decision-Making Model <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser13" style="float:left;"> The ethical decision-making model requires a leader to work through the following steps: 1. Identify the problem - Gather as much information as possible to clarify the problem. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 04:57:00 +0000 Facilitation Styles <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser14" style="float:left;"> Facilitation keeps the learner - rather than the facilitator - central to what is happening. Therefore, a leader should be very thoughtful in selecting the style of facilitation used. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 04:54:00 +0000 Title IX and Sport Leadership <div style="display:block;"> <div id="ItemTeaser15" style="float:left;"> Since the enactment of Title IX legislation in 1972, girls and women have gained access to virtually all sports, from Little League baseball to collegiate wrestling. Indeed, the feats of female athletes have been among the most impressive achievements in the generation since the enactment of Title IX. </div> </div> Mon, 17 Apr 2017 04:40:00 +0000